Elliplex Inc - Service for Life Sciences
Delivery Affinity Constants and Drug Leads at Low Cost


Elliplex Inc offers a range of services to commercial and academic customers with needs for profiling binding affinity constants of biomolecular targets to small molecular as well as macromolecular probes and for discovering lead compounds from commercial and academic compound libraries against druggable targets. Our services are based on label-free, optically detected, binding assays on solid-supported  microarrays. They can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Our Commitment

At Elliplex, we meet our customers' assay needs with diligence and care. We offer cost-effective services based on our established and tested protocols. We  continue to develop and validate new protocols for customers with specialized assay requirements and/or conditions. Our experience and expertise in microarray-based assay development and application ensure that our customers' wishes are in good hands.

We believe in quality, best effort, and timely delivery of our technical service and engineering solutions. Our customer-first principle and careful service approach ensure long-lasting, trustworthy business relationships with our customers.

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